Saturday, March 29, 2008

zoo-ventures with the BFF

I love this whole "membership in the zoo" thing. I get to take lots of great pictures of animals, and it doesn't cost me a damn dime. (ms - I have a job interview on Monday, so hopefully soon things that cost dimes won't matter so much.) So here are some highlights of the most recent trip, which was a chance to show off the Detrizzle Zoo to the BFF. As always, click on the pictures to make them bigger.

First off, a baby penguin. Because, and I repeat, who doesn't love a baby penguin?

Here's a picture of me, the BFF, and Creepy Jay sneaking up on us. The reflective greenness adds to the whole creepyness thing. Also, my jacket is the same color as the light. Creepy creepy.

This one needs a tiny backstory. I took a nice picture of a scarlet ibis and an African spoonbill. See how menacing the spoonbill looks (bottom)?

After I snapped that shot, the spoonbill realized there was a mouse on the ledge just above BFF's head. So he flew over to get it. Right above her head. I'm pretty sure he almost dropped it. On her head.

That made us leave the aviary. On to the reptile house, where things are less apt to be dropped on BFF's head. Or anyone's head, for that matter. Here's a smiling turtle:

Then I had a face-off with a caiman. (Actually we all did, but I'm only posting the picture of me.)


Another side story. Longtime readers and friends know that I have a thing with squirrels. They don't like me, and I don't like them. No that's a lie. They like me very much. So much so, that they want to eat my face. So I don't get close enough to give them a chance. This is why I still have a face. Sure, he looks sweet and innocent all far away.

But then my dear sweet boyfriend thinks it's funny to trick a squirrel into thinking he has a peanut for him. Right next to me and my face.

Yes, both Jay and BFF got to witness the splendor that is des screaming about an attacking squirrel. Gee for some reason I didn't get a picture of the squirrel when he was right about to eat my face. (And I realize that we didn't go to the zoo to see squirrels.)

So on to the Arctic seals. There's this cool tube that goes through the seals' swimming area. Even with all the people there (and the proof that I am, in fact, in MI) it still made a cool picture I think. Also, there's always some jackass that needs to look into my camera. This time, the jackass was Jay. (Love you baby!)

A seal swam directly over us while we were in the tube. I was barely fast enough to get a shot of its tummy.

There are also prairie dogs. They are cute and nothing like squirrels, contrary to what Jay may say. So I like them and take many a picture.

The pond was still frozen, making interesting patterns in the ice.

Here's a nice picture of an angry grizzly bear.

Why is he so angry? Let me zoom out.

I didn't get the machines in the picture, but they were like bulldozing right next to the pen. Boo for that.

For some reason, the Detroit Zoo is very loose with their animals' cages. So peacocks and the like are free to wander around willy-nilly. But they sure are purdy.

This snow monkey was so disappointed in us.

I still heart tigers.

And more with neato reflections. And ducks.

So that was more of the zoo. Yay zoo.


flutter said...

anyone who doesn't love a baby penguin....well they just need to be shot.

super des said...

Agreed. In fact, I agree wholeheartedly.

Eric Vogel said...

It is my understanding the most Peacocks are guests and choose to be there. Just like the ducks and the Canadian Geese that mess up the grassy areas with their excretment.

super des said...

I think there are some zoo peacocks, and other ones just fly in and hang out.

might I add...? said...

Several comments in one:

First, I am totally with you on the squirrel thing. Sure, they have fuzzy, fluffy tails, but really they're just glorified rats. And I am always convinced that they're going to bite my ankles. There were tons of them on campus when I was in college; I took to wearing boots all the time. I don't seem to see them too much these days, not sure why.

That seal tube thingy is so cool. I want to go in one of those. I guess I'll have to visit Detroit sometime.

And the peacock thing... I think they just live there. My guess is they must be territorial, and when they live somewhere they don't actually have to be caged. I've seen them in other places where they're not caged. And I have never seen a peacock "just fly in" anywhere. I mean, there must be areas of the world where they do (if they do, in fact, fly at all), but not anywhere I've ever been.

Thanks for sharing the pics. Maybe I should do a zoo post sometime.... I've been recently, too, and I think I took like 400 pictures.

super des said...

I like rats though, which is weird.

# #