Thursday, March 27, 2008

still hangin with the BFF

Day 4:
Apparently I can't remember what we did. Chances are, Guitar Hero was involved, as I am now quite adept at that game (having never played it before BFF's visit). I'm so awesome that I even 5-starred Metallica's "One" on the easy setting. I'm not as good as Jay and BFF, but I'm definitely getting there. Here's proof (hearkening back to Jay's earlier statement that I play everything fierce as a motherfucker).

Oh, I know what we did! BFF and I went to the mall because 1) the weather was crappy outside and 2) we thought maybe I'd get me a job. I applied to a few places and will be severely disappointed if I don't get at least one call. My hand hurt from both Guitar Hero and Filling out applications. Different hands, even. Yay for ibuprofen.

Day 5:
Zoo Day! We showed BFF the splendor that is the Detroit Zoo. Lots of pictures were taken, and I'm sure they will be posted later. Not much has changed since last time we went, so a lot of the pictures are the same. They're still totally super awesome though.
After a delish lunch we came home and everyone took naps. I was the first to wake up, so I played a little catch up on my all important blog reading until I got bored and decided Jay and BFF had to be woken up. There was some grumbling, but then we watched a movie and rocked out some more GH.

Day 6:
This is today, so I'm kinda predicting the future here. It's BFF's bday, so fun is in order. Planned, we have breakfast at the Big Boy once again, then lotsa time for digestion, then we're heading out to the Melting Pot for my BFF's favorite thing ever, fondue. Have I mentioned lately how much I love dipping foods in other foods? Well I do. After stuffing our bellies with yumminess, we plan to go rock some karaoke, which surprisingly we haven't done at all this week.

So probably more details later.


Suzanne said...

Happy birthday to BFF, and good luck with getting a job. Someone better call, or I will kick asses.

super des said...

Yeah, I will also have to kick some asses.

Anonymous said...

On turning into a gem... They charge a lot more than other companies that sell man-made gems... which makes me wonder if they just take your ashes, dump them in a toilet, and buy a man-made gem and send it off to your relatives.

super des said...

It's true, but it costs less than a regular burial.

Anonymous said...

Thats true. But you still have to pay for the costs of cremation. If cost is a worry... Then cremate yourself, and order your ashes dumped into a toilet, and leave money in your will to have your loved ones buy a nice man made gem. Isn't the effect the same? And that saves even MORE money!
K I'm done being a doofus.
heh... doofus.

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