Monday, February 25, 2008

Self Esteem Sunday

I don't really need a self esteem boost. I mean, I'm already totally vain. (And that's helped when my boyfriend tells me how pretty / sexy / smart / awesome I am.) But yesterday I got a few.

Remember the male waitress? Well we went back to the brewery for lunch, and Male Waitress was there. He talked to us, and found a way to touch my shoulder. It was relatively innocent, which is why Jay didn't have to give a beatdown, but still a little annoying because I don't like being touched by strangers.

Then later we were in the parking lot fixing the DirtyBird, and Male Waitress came out with a young lady that was probably his girlfriend. He kept throwing glances at me, but I was very careful to not make eye contact. Then as they were kissing goodbye, I got a glance. That's right, he looked at me while kissing his girl. I ran away and hid next to Jay, who was too involved in making sure his car would run to notice. I told him about it and we all agreed it was very creepy.

So I went about the rest of my day with only a minimal amount of teasing from the gang. When I checked my sitemeter, someone had found this blog with this sentence:
"pictures of pretty women with super short hair"

Now, I realize that I haven't posted any pictures of myself recently, but I did just get my hair cut short a few days ago. Anyway, I choose to read it as a compliment to me. Because I'm vain like that.

ps - stay tuned tomorrow for adventures at the zoo.


Suzanne said...

Someone recently left a comment at CUSS wondering why women get short hair cuts because they look terrible.

super des said...

Clearly this person has never seen either of us. We're awesome with short hair.

Suzanne said...

I also thought that comment was nervy given that it was left on the blog of a woman with short hair. People are weird.

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