Saturday, January 12, 2008

the old wet / dry

Luckily, today I was dressed for a thunderstorm. I had my rain boots (my moon boots, if you will), rain jacket, and my penguin umbrella tucked into my new waterproof backpack. This is good because when I got off my train to go meet Suzanne to see Persepolis, there was a thunderstorm. So I got semi-drenched on the 3-block walk. (Incidentally, this is when I found out that my backpack was waterproof.) But the important thing was that my person and personal belongings were dry.

Until later in the night when me and Zoe were eating dinner at Dojo. We were gushing about our respective boyfriends when the guy next to me spilled his water... all over my jacket, shoes, and bag. I looked down, looked at him with one raised eyebrow*, and went back to my conversation, a la Superbitch.

When he left, Zoe told me that she watched him playing with his water glass. He had his hand inside the glass, and was tipping it from side to side. So when he spilled his water all over me, it wasn't really on purpose per se, but it was a stupid thing to do. I obviously didn't see this, which is why the guy was allowed to leave the restaurant in one piece. Luckily, today I was dressed for a thunderstorm.

* Ok, I probably didn't have one eyebrow raised, since I can't do that. But believe you me, there was a look of utter disdain and disgust.


mar said...

i can't raise my eyebrows either.
how was persepolis? i've got it on my 'to watch' list.
glad you were waterproofed.

super des said...

It was awesome. The books are better, of course,but the movie was pretty damn good.

MsLittlePea said...

I wish I could raise on eyebrow too. I try but just end up looking like my eye hurts.

Count Mockula said...

I'm jealous that you got to see Persepolis. I might go tomorrow.

I do an excellent one-raised-eyebrow. I'm like The Rock. I don't know how one could deal with teenagers all day without the one eyebrow.

super des said...

I just look like I'm doing nothing or I'm raising both eyebrows. There is no in between.

super des said...

count, that is exactly why I have no dealings with teenagers.

# #