Friday, January 25, 2008

it's fun to vent

I don't have any money. That's because I just made a long distance move and don't have a job. But I planned for all that. The other reason is that my former employer paid me a whopping $46 for my last 2 weeks there. What is this, 1896? Was my hourly wage 50 cents? No...... It wasn't much, but it was certainly more than that.

There have been numerous emails and calls to the People In Charge. Not a single response. And it's not like I worked for a giant faceless corporation - there were 8 people that ran the HQ. I knew them all. But yet, somehow they can't find the time to contact me or pay me correctly.

This makes for a very angry des. I can't afford to buy anything. Food? Credit Cards. Luckily all of my other bills are taken care of, at least temporarily. But in a coupla weeks the credit card companies are gonna come a callin, lookin for that food money.

This is stupid. AND it gives me even more reason to vote for never having to work again. What is it about jobs and me?


Suzanne said...

Being independently wealthy and not having to work would be nice, wouldn't it? Ah, to be Paris Hilton.

super des said...

so you're saying I should become a total empty idiot, and I won't have to do anything? Hmmmmmm

jessabean said...

Oh man, I would be FURIOUS. I hope it gets worked out!

Jbeeky said...

You should be paid what you are owed, period. It does suck, I have been there.

Laura said...

I hate money. I wish everything was free. That would solve ALL the world's problems.

mar said...


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