Friday, January 25, 2008

cat meets dog

Mecrutio met Midnight the other night. For those not in the know, Mecru is my cat and Midnight is Jay's dog. Mecru has never met a dog, in all his long years*.

So now, an illustrated story of the meeting.

When we got inside, Mecru was there to greet us as normal. Then he saw the dog and stopped in his tracks. His tail got puffy, and Midnight looked at him once before turning away and ignoring him. Mecru semi-relaxed and took up residence in the hallway, where he could observe from a safe vantage point.

We tried telling him that Midnight was no threat, but he wouldn't budge. Jason tried to encourage him.

However, Mecru was curious, so he let me pick him up and take him into the action. The animals sniffed each other all friendly-like,

before retreating to his temporary hiding place, a short distance away. (He's there, I swear. Click to make it bigger.)

Not much has changed in the coupla days since Midnight's return home. Mecru still hangs out on his tower and on top of Jason's dresser in the closet, where conveniently enough, the dog can't go. But that's where he slept before he even knew Midnight existed. Mecru will tolerate being in the same room with Midnight, but still won't approach him. This is taking a toll, because since Midnight is a dog, he follows me around everywhere. So Mecru is hurting for des attention, and perks up whenever I walk by the hallway or one of his bedrooms.

Eventually I'm sure Mecru will get used to Midnight, and Midnight will continue to ignore the cat. Until then, Mecru has gotten real used to not being in the living room.

* Mecru did once meet my friend's chihuahua, but he considered her more "food" than a dog, and subsequently tried to eat her.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that Mecru isn't totally traumatized. I was worried! Midnight is cute. I love when Benny's tail puffs up and looks like one of those duster things.

super des said...

Benny probably looks like Mecru when he does that. Just the puffy tail, completely normal otherwise. It's quite funny.

Suzanne said...

The picture of them sniffing each other is very adorable. Then again, what do I know? I'm pro-death. people like me who chop off the hands and feet of the unborn probably don't recognize anything good in life.

super des said...

You and your "logic" and "science" can't be trusted. That picture is in fact, not cute.

Alex Elliot said...

Give them time and they should be fine.

flutter said...

give them time, they will be the best of buds

super des said...

they are starting to come along nicely.

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