Monday, January 28, 2008

des goes existential

I had a dream last night. This is not unusual, as I have dreams every night, and they are always vivid (yes, in color) and I generally remember the details. Incidentally, I do try to incorporate my dream stories into my (nonexistant) writing career. However, it turns out that dream-stories do not make any "sense" logically in Reality World.

But last night I had a dream that was not a story. It was a series of pictures. Began with a white field, and not the kind with flowers. Just white nothing. There was also a black outline of a semicircle on the bottom. And there was another on the side of the frame. They would slowly move into each other, one enveloping the other. I tried to draw it using fancy MS-paint, but it didn't add anything to my story, so just use your imagination there.

There was no meaning as far as I could discern. So, I did a little online research (what else am I supposed to do with my day?) and found this:

To dream of a circle, denotes that your affairs will deceive you in their proportions of gain. For a young woman to dream of a circle, warns her of indiscreet involvement to the exclusion of marriage.

That's the only thing related I could find. Apparently my dream is not common enough to interpret easily.

But um, what? Can someone please interpret my interpretation please?

ps - here's today's horoscope:
You may be getting nowhere fast, but for now you are fine with your current lack of progress. But be careful, for your rationalization skills are at a peak. You can talk yourself into or out of nearly anything. Additionally, you should be able to persuade others to go along with your ideas, even if they are not thought out very well. Taking your time to consider a variety of options is better than doing the first thing that sounds good.

Yeah, still confused.


Suzanne said...

Seriously, what the fuck?

super des said...

no clue, man.

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