Monday, January 07, 2008

ch ch ch changes

In the span of about 6 weeks, here are all the things in my life that have yet or will be soon changed:

switching boyfriends
switching cities and states of residence
switching jobs (though I might not find a new job right away)

In theory, these are all good things, but going through them all at once is less fun than one would hope.

I made the uhaul reservation today. Truck in 12 days. I'm giving my notice at work tomorrow, partly because in my "full time, management position" I don't have the keys to the store I was promised, I am working only 20 hours this week (at 2 different stores), and am still making the same money as the other "sales associates."

I have to move out of NYC because, well besides the fact that my Jason lives somewhere else*, I am living with the xbf and for some reason, I can't afford to live in the second most expensive city in the world (behind London). Mainly because my job pays diddly squat. So you see the circular reasoning here, spiraling me into the midwest. AND I swear it's just a pit stop on the way back to CA because although it's more expensive than Michigan, it's not as expensive as my new favorite city, Brooklyn.

um, yay fun?

* And because I know you'll ask, my Jason is flying out to help me pack, then driving the truck home to MI for me. We'll stop somewhere overnight because I'll have Mecru in a carrier and would like him to be slightly less freaked out about all these changes. And that will be that.


Anonymous said...

are you having your tattoo finished before you leave? or is it all done?

Average Jane said...

SueBob said you were moving when we were corresponding yesterday and I kept thinking, "Wouldn't she have said something about it in her blog?"

Congrats on your new adventures! I'm sure you'll find a much more satisfactory job.

Suzanne said...

HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT. I need more notice than 12 days. I know that this is good for you and all that, but I am selfish. Waaaah.

Suzanne said...

Meaning: goddamn, I am going to miss you.

mar said...

yeah, how the hell am i supposed to have a tourist-y experience w/ you & suzanne if you're not in nyc?
(also, good luck on your new adventures!)

Suzanne said...

I'm still up for having a tourist-y experience with you, Mar. We shall soldier on and have a drink in Des' name.

MsLittlePea said...

I love how you call him my Jason. I had a Jason once. But, er, not that one. Obviously. Ok I've never even been to MI. You know what I mean.

Honestly, every guy I've ever known whose name begins with a J has always been really cute and really sweet.

Oh my, did that just sound like a high school note? Oh well. I hope everything goes smoothly.

super des said...

ALright, alright.
I promise the full story and background info will be delivered.

I still need some time, yo.

And I'm getting my tattoo finished the 16th... that's why I'm waiting.

mdog said...

midwest. yesssss.

hope craig is doing well?

Sudiegirl said...

Wow - good luck!

super des said...

mdog, C is ...ok. he's mad and sad but sometimes we get along fine.

jessabean said...

I've wanted to ask about everything soooo bad and I didn't know if I could. We have only met once, you know. Chris and I were wondering about the living situation, but it seems you've answered it.

I'm sad I won't be able to visit you in Brooklyn anymore, but it's all the more reason to have a blogger meetup in the midwest!

Good luck on the move, dear. It sounds like things are going wonderfully for you!

Alex Elliot said...

Good luck with your move!

jessica said...

I love how you said, "switching boyfriends" because I have just done the exact same thing! It's like they're socks, or something.

super des said...

jessabean, you can ask me anything. Just cuz we've only met *in person* once, doesn't mean we're not friends!

thanks Alex!

and jessica, aren't boyfriends like socks? Sometimes you need pretty ones and sometimes you need comfy warm ones...

# #