Wednesday, January 23, 2008

quick quick update, kinda

So here I am in Michigan. The trip was looooong, but thanks to some very good friends, I was all packed and fed and ready to leave Brooklyn and begin. We had reservations in a hotel on the PA / OH border, but thanks to a very long day (my Jason was up at like 4am to catch the flight to NYC), a little bit of snow, and a stupid Uhaul that took way more gas than one would think is humanly truckenly possible, we ended up stopping somewhere much closer. The motel had signs all over expressing their distaste for accepting pets, so my Jason did a little distracting while I snuck in with a (thankfully quiet) kitty. Oh, I mean that Jay was very interested in the free coffee and donuts that were offered in the morning and genuinely had some questions that needed answering.

The next morning we got up and continued our drive. I had bought some funny little herbal drops to calm the kitty, but thankfully I did not need them. Yay for Mecru being the best traveler ever! We arrived in Detroit around 8pm, unloaded the necessities (cat tower, food, litter, and our overnight bags) and went to sleep. Woke up the next day and finished unloading the truck. Thankfully we had a few extra days on the rental.

Yesterday we ignored the boxes everywhere and went grocery shopping, returned the truck, and went out to dinner. The Brewery we ate at had a very yummy vegetarian friendly menu, and there was an awesome live band performing with 2 acoustic guitars, an upright bass, and yes, an accordion. Is it correct to say that that guy rocked the accordion? I think it is, and if you had been there for the performance, you would agree. Today is a day of unpacking, but my mood was ruined when I saw my last work check had been deposited. Oh good, my $46 came in. Yeah that's right. Apparently I worked for 2 weeks and got less than $50 for my effort. You can bet an email went out post-haste. If this doesn't pan out, someone in NYC is gonna have to go firebomb something. Just sayin.

But so yeah. Unpacking, more blog updates, and at some point, a job. Neato.

ps - the most beautiful tattoo in the world is almost done with the peeling stage, so pictures will come soon.
Also, stay tuned for the story of Mecru Meets His First Dog, who is also his new roomie.


Arlene said...

Glad to hear the trip was relatively painless.

Suzanne said...

Accordions totally rock the house. Glad that you are settling in. I'll firebomb your former workplace if needed, but I certainly hope it does not come to that.

super des said...

Arlene, it actually went pretty well. Phew!

suz, I knew I could count on you.

Suzanne said...

I'm conveniently violent like that.

MsLittlePea said...

That's great. I was wondering if your were bringing your kitty with you.

super des said...

pea, of course I did. Wouldn't you bring your little Peanut?

Anonymous said...

so happy that you have found your new spot. The Midwest is not so bad!

super des said...

Laura, I'm only a few hours away from you now... I may have to meet those twins of yours!

Alex Elliot said...

I'm happy to hear that you had a safe trip.

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