Sunday, January 06, 2008

5 golden rings

Ok, 2 golden rings.
Actually one golden ring and one silver ring. But the golden one is white gold, so it too looks silver.

Anyway, have you heard about Mystic Topaz? It's regular topaz covered in a titanium alloy to make it all rainbowy. It looks like this:

Notice the pretty mix of deep purples and greens. And the 6 CZ hearts surrounding the topaz. (Yes, I know you can only see 5, but I swear the other one really is there.) Also notice that I tried (and semi-failed) to find a nail polish that matched the topaz. And that's it's chipped, because how else would you know that it was my finger that ring was on?

That was one of my xmas presents from my Jason. He's won over my heart and bought me shiny sparkly rainbows to prove it.

And no, there wasn't a "question that went with it" as a coworker asked me. But I do wear it on that finger, because the Romans believed the left ringfinger has a vein that goes straight to the heart. (Didn't you ever wonder where that tradition came from?) My sister didn't like me stealing her engagement thunder, so I did have to temporarily switch fingers, but as soon as I left her company it went back to where it belongs.

Also for xmas, I got this:

Isn't it groovy with its super-seventies lettering and tiny diamond-heart-O? This was a ring my dad gave my mom before they were engaged. When I took it back home to Dad's house, I showed him and asked him if he remembered it. He got a little smile, and said of course he remembers it. My sister and I gave him some friendly chiding about the utter era-fullness of it, asking if there were others that said "peace" or "groovy." He slapped his hands down on the chair and proclaimed that "it was groovy!" which made me and my sis and my stepmom all laugh uproariously.

Not that I don't wear the ring everyday, grooviness and all. Of course, the picture is a trick because I am not so skilled that I could leave the ring on it's rightful finger, the right finger, and manipulate a macro-setting camera with my slightly retarded left hand.

So there were my 2 favorite xmas presents. 2 symbols of love that maybe I will pass on to my own kids someday because of their similar stories. (Of course, my Jason didn't ruin the moment like my dad did by saying "IT'S NOT AN ENGAGEMENT RING!")

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flutter said...

good christmas!

super des said...

I am the lord of the rings.

Suzanne said...

Your ring from Jason is nice, but the story about the ring your dad gave your mom is just totally awesome, not to mention its total grooviness.

super des said...

well sorry my Jason story isn't better.
Damn, I should have made up an adventure involving a pirate and a unicorn. It's not too late, right?

Count Mockula said...


Suzanne said...

It's never too late for stories involving pirates and/or unicorns!

Jerseygirl89 said...

I love that ring from Jason - it's beautiful. Maybe someday it will be groovy, even. :)

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