Thursday, December 06, 2007

des doesn't wanna be a mommy

Why is it that NYC totally wants me to have a baby? I can't afford a kid here!

Ever since I moved to this stupid state, I've had nothing but trouble getting my birth control prescription filled. In CA, I went every 3 months to see the Best Doctor Ever (I miss you Dr. K!) and get a shot. I move here and have done the following:

1) waited in assorted doctors' offices many more hours than are necessary. One time I waited 8 hours before I was even seen. 8 hours!
2) given myself shots, which when you have an extreme aversion to needles, does not work out well.
3) been given the shot by loved ones. Also doesn't work so well.
4) switched to the pill because of #2 and #3.
5) put up with religious zealot doctors that believe birth control is a form of abortion and so I fight with them every step of the way, including the part where they insist on giving me a pregnancy test every single month. And not by peeing in a cup either. By draining an absurd amount of blood. Every. Single. Month.
6) found one doctor that was almost as good as Dr. K, only to have her disappear permanently just a few short weeks later.
7) had the pharmacy screw up so I thought I had a refill when I didn't, leading to
8) panically calling a friend of a friend who is a doctor, just to get a temporary fix.

And now this.

I can't get into Planned Parenthood until the after I have gone home to see the fam, which will be too late because I'll be out of pills. And they won't give me just a refill until I have the stupid regular tests done, which I don't really need anyway.

I can't go somewhere else because I don't have insurance (you know, that whole new job thing).

So, sure, in like a month, everything will be fine and hunky dory. Nevermind the crippling sickness that will get me (probably during my trip, making for great times all around), or the small possibility of baby deszs coming into creation.

It's fun to mess with body chemistry, right?

I tried to plan ahead. Dammit.
I need to marry a doctor.
Know any?


Count Mockula said...

Man, I can't believe the trouble you've had! I am so lucky to have my HMO (how often does someone say that!)/

super des said...

Says the pregnant woman.

mar said...

maybe c could switch over to med school?
sorry 'bout the trouble. i've been having some issues with my own insurance lately. i feel your pain.

super des said...

ok, here's the plan. C can finish law school, become a rich lawyer, and then we'll move to Canada where they have socialized healthcare.

mar, you come too.

Suzanne said...

Ask Dr. H to call a prescription in for you. You can also wander into an OB-GYN clinic at a city hospital and walk out with a prescrip, although you'll probably need to wait 8 hours.

super des said...

Yeaahh, I kinda want to avoid that whole 8-hour wait thing.

Average Jane said...

That's crazy! I've never had a doctor or a pharmacist jerk me around about my pills. I didn't realize how lucky I was.

super des said...

I still blame NYC.
Never happened in CA.

Jbeeky said...

Nope, but I have a quarter to put between your knees......

super des said...

ah, you're more generous than the pharmacist I used to work with. She would have given me a dime.

mar said...

muahaha! quarter/dime! the last time i used that line the person looked at me stupidly.
and des, i 'm already an honourary canuck. may as well make it official.

# #