Thursday, October 11, 2007

workin stiff

So I've now officially completed my 2nd day back in Working World. They put me in the children's section. Children's. I was like, no wait, I hate children! But then I was ok. There are good and bad points to being roped off, as it were.

- Even though I know very little to nothing about children's books (I take that back, I did my fair share of reading as a kid, AND I took a class on children's lit in college *cough*nerd! *cough*), I will learn my section quickly and be in the know with the "Hannah Montana" and "Magic Tree House" that the kids are into nowadays.

- I never have to work the register, because they are all upstairs. Suck it, register training!

- I don't even have to know the rest of the store. The new best excuse for anything is "sorry, I'm normally in the children's section, so I can't help you." I said it 3 times today, though I was still really nice and the customers all loved me.

- I get to exploit the fact that I am not paid for childcare, like all the nannies that come in and read magazines and gossip and don't watch their kids. One kid actually stomped on a book that was on the ground while I was picking it up. I said Don't! and then the mom was like "Daniel, don't step on the books...." and then trailed away as her job was clearly done.

- However, kids don't try to engage you in long creepy conversations or do anything that requires more of your time.

So yeah. I'm totally pushing Bunnicula on people because I love it. And eyeing many things that I want to buy (just in my section) but can't afford because they pay me almost the bare minimum to do these things. Anyway, I'm sure I will get to fill these pages with wonderful bad parenting stories. What fun for me.


mar said...

i loved bunnicula.
perhaps one day (& i hope you're not still there by the time i finish it), my book will be in your section.

super des said...

Actually someone came in today who had just written her first book and she was excited we had it. It was kinda cute.

jessabean said...

OH MY GOD I looooooved Bunnicula! In fact, I might have to go to the library and re-read it because you just reminded me of my childhood.

I would like working in the children's section. So many memories!

super des said...

There is a display table that we get to fill ourselves (this is where I put Bunnicula) and there are so many books on it that bring back happy memories.

Suzanne said...

I loved Bunnicula and all the books in that series. Celery Stalks at Midnight? Hilarious on so many levels. I'll read any new ones that come out.

super des said...

The celery stalks at midnight is my favorite pun ever.

Count Mockula said...

In my bookstore tenure, I had cooking, crafts, and young adult/series books. I LOVED the YA books, and have several favorites. In fact, I still read YA books once in a while.

super des said...

those aren't in my section. But I do love me a few of these children's series!

Cherann said...

How fun. I love the children's section but I don't know that I'd want to work there. It gets so messy and lots of moms just let their kids pull everything off of the shelf and onto the floor. (yes, I'm sometimes guilty of this myself)

# #