Monday, October 15, 2007


I know I was a busy bloggirl this weekend, but the posts weren't as important and groundbreaking as they could have been, so I'm going to fill up the space with more inane banter. Logic, right?

It's getting cold now. It went from 80+ degrees last week to 55 or so this week. That's fine because I love fall jackets and stuff, but I don't get to wear skirts as often. I only have one cold weather skirt, and it's not cold enough for that yet. Plus I need new clothes but I'm too poor to buy them.

Speaking of poor, I've begun a new job search. My current job in itself is fine, including the retarded parents (see previous coupla posts), but there are a lot of things that aren't super about working at this store. For one, I make barely over minimum wage. That's cool, I probably don't have to pay rent in NYC, the most expensive city in the country, second in the world (behind London). Oh no wait, I DO have to. Plus, since I'm considered part time, that means I work exactly 1/2 hour below the full time limit. What is this, Wal*mart? I would hate for them to have to spend money on benefits for me before my full year is up. Way to rub it in, guys.

Of that 29 & 1/2 hours a week (full time is 30, btw) I don't know what I'm working the next week. I have my sched up til Saturday, but I don't know what I'm working Sunday and beyond, until Saturday night. That's cool too because you know how I would hate to be able to plan anything in advance, even by one day. This definitely explains why morale in the company is so low. My coworkers are rude to the customers, they "straighten" the books on the shelf by kicking them, and are just generally apathetic about everything. I don't know why most of them continue working in a place they so obviously hate. They haven't gotten me down yet: I'm still the bright eyed newbie who actually alphabetizes the books on the shelf, and cheerfully spends half my day helping one customer (which did happen yesterday - no lie*). But it's hard to be The Crusader.

So I'm looking for another job that pays better and tries to not make their employees commit multiple homicides / suicides.

UPDATE: Yeah so I have another interview tomorrow. Damn, I'm awesome!

* The customer was so annoying and kept coming back and asking me questions I couldn't really answer. She ordered all sorts of books, but then lost the order sheets that I had just given her. I seriously spent 4 hours with her, trying to help other customers at the same time. She said thanks at the end, but it wasn't a meaningful thanks. But her friend did ask my name so he could tell a manager how helpful I was. It won't do any good because they're not going to give me a raise or a promotion or anything, but I gave it to him anyway. At least he appreciated how much of my time they had used up.


Working Girl said...

Good luck. I'll miss this job, though. It's fun to read about.

Brillig said...

Yay for the interview! That customer that you described would very likely drive me to homicide. Yikes! Oh, I hope you get the job of your dreams soon!!!

Suzanne said...

Paying rent is completely overrated.

Good luck with the interview tomorrow. I am sure that you will rock it and I can't wait to hear about it.

super des said...

thanks guys!

wg, don't worry, I'm sure I can complain about any job.

Bril, I don't think I've found it yet.

Suze, you're such a good little cheerleader.

flutter said...

Best of luck to you, lady!

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