Wednesday, October 17, 2007

OCD will kill you

Today was a good day. I wasn't too enthused about going to work again, especially knowing that I might not have to go in much more. I managed to rearrange and reorganize another section (I did one last time I was in) and made it look all pretty, which is what I was doing when one of my coworkers (a "team lead") said the sentence that became the title of this post. I told her, in simple words so she might understand, that I don't have OCD - I'm just bored so I might as well do something while I'm being paid to be at work. She rolled her eyes and left, and I didn't see her for the rest of the day (which is why I already hate her... she doesn't actually "work" there).

Then because the bookstore gives me shifts of stupid lengths, I didn't have time to walk the 2 blocks home, eat a meal at a comfortable pace, and walk back during lunch. Do I wandered a bit and found some pizza. While kinda eating, I got a call from the person I interviewed with yesterday. Yeah, I not only got the job, but I got power. I will be 3rd in charge of the store.... store manager, assistant manager, and des. Then everyone else. Sweet. moo ha ha!

Then while I was still sitting smiling to myself in the pizzeria, a jam band assembled right out front and began to, well, jam. It was awesome. There was a snare drum, trumpet, and tuba. I went outside and watched them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Since I was there for like 15 minutes, I decided that my enjoyment of this live band should be rewarded, so I gave them my last $5, having spent all my ones on pizza. I told them I was having fun, and they thanked me. I actually thought the words, "I love Brooklyn!" And I meant it.

I walked back to work, smiling and distracted. Plus I still have more candy corn.

Good day.


flutter said...


super des said...

I'm quite pleased with it.

SUEB0B said...

Ah, yes, the non-working workers. I encountered some tonight at a VOLUNTEER gig, of all things. I showed up and they basically said 'Get to work right now!" and went back to gossiping.

I am happy you got a new job!

super des said...

Thanks suebob!

it's a small enough company that the non-workers will be noticed and ousted, which makes me happy.

Suzanne said...

They were serenading your awesomeness.

Working Girl said...

but if you're happy at the new job...well, I'll miss the writing about this one...that's all I'm saying.

super des said...

I like your idea, suze.

and wg, don't worry, I'll *always* find things to complain about!

jessabean said...

Oh absolutely luuuurv street music!

super des said...

It was so much fun.

# #