Friday, October 26, 2007

memories via t-shirt

Since my new tattoo is still healing and covered in ointmenty goo, I have been wearing an old t-shirt to sleep instead of my nice satin pajamas. This is also why there are no pictures yet, btw. But my old t-shirt that I have chosen is one I got from working in the drugstore so long ago. Most people got shirts from the drugstore that were hideous and itchy polo shirts. However, because I am special and tiny, none of those fit me and the bookkeeper, god bless her soul, dug deep deep deep in the closet until she found an awesome green t-shirt that I swear is from 1985.

The shirts were generally worn about once a year, at an event called Dinner at the Dump. Basically the whole town of Davis would show up to the recycling facility, pay a $7 entry fee (which at the time seemed outrageous to a poor college student like me) and then enjoy free food and drinks supplied by local vendors. There was a stage for music, and beer, though I don't know if that was free like everything else because a) I was never old enough and b) I don't like beer anyway. The drugstore was always in charge of handing out water, and if you volunteered, the store would pay your entry fee. Of course me and my friends volunteered every year.

It was a chance to hang out with tour coworkers outside of work. I hung out with a lot of them already, but this was somehow different. Often, the night would end in a water fight with the leftover water between me and some of the more "mature" boys. But since it was the middle of Central Valley CA summer, it was all good. Sometimes the party would move to a different locale after the actual event ended.

Looking back, it kinda makes me miss that job. Sure, the once-yearly event had absolutely nothing to do with my actual work, and later the horrible things that corporations do, but they are good memories nonetheless. I'm glad I have this t-shirt still and it makes me think of fun times.

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mar said...

i love my dad's old t-shirts. i stole about half a dozen of them when i left home. in fact, i'm wearing one today. :)

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