Saturday, September 08, 2007

moving, cat-style

A special guest post by Mecrutio the cat.

I didn't like it. I knew something was up when they started moving things around, and brought in additional boxes that I wasn't allowed to play in. Then they forced me into this tiny fake leather carrier that I've been in before and it never boded well. So they carry me outside in this see through box, and it's noisy and hot and then I'm put in a truck and even though the people are there it's a horrible bumpy noisy ride.

We get to what they keep calling "our new home" and I hate it. It's dusty and dirty and there are new noises and it's huge and it's empty. I find solace in the bathroom and reuse to come out. I like it just fine hiding under the sink, thank you. des tries to get me to come out and hang out with her (the other one left apparently) but no can do. There is a towel they put in the bathroom to dry their hands off, so I will just sleep on that instead of the makeshift bed that des has in the middle of the floor.

I did have to venture out after a while when ds was asleep to a) grab a bite b) take a pee and c) do a little exploring on my own. I ran back to the bathroom when des woke up and saw me and let out a little scream because I scared the hell out of her, stalking around in the middle of the night.

The next day, I stayed in the bathroom again. I could hear lots of noise going on outside, and at one point someone I've never seen before used the bathroom. He was surprised to see me, too. Then the noise stopped and I heard Craig's voice. He came in and kicked me out of the bathroom, even though I was perfectly happy sitting on the toilet seat lid.

When I came out, the apartment was no longer empty. My cat tower was there, and so were a lot of boxes that I think I recognized. I ventured towards the window, but there was a squirrel on the fire escape so I bolted back to the bathroom, which was now closed off to me. I didn't know it at the time, but the squirrel also bolted. des just laughed and laughed until she cried. I stalked around the house keeping myself low to the ground and my tail swishy.

But it's been a few days now and I'm totally home. I'm used to the noises that come through all 6 windows. I sleep on the couch just like I used to. I play with my toys (that I thought I had lost when I shoved them under the dresser). I do a lot of lying in the middle of the floor because it's so damn hot. des also complains about the heat. Something about "I wish we had some damn air conditioning." des also bugs me a lot more instead of sitting in front of her computer all day. I guess that's because one of the people that came over that I didn't know didn't do his job right and des had to kill him.

*Note from des: stay tuned for more posts once we finally ge this i-net thing all figured out. Long story, which I may go into later.


MsLittlePea said...

Poor Kitty. Auntie Angel has air conditioning but then you'd have to pry my humping terrier off of you. oh and you'd have to move to Fl which would mean time in hated carrier....still though, think about it.

super des said...

Pea, are you trying to coerce my cat away from me?

Suzanne said...

Oh, good times. I totally didn't think about how awful this freak heatwave would be for you guys.

mdog said...

mecru is quite literate.

keep that tail swishy.

super des said...

suz- yeah it sucks here sometimes.

mdog- well he hangs around me all day so I guess it rubbed off.

Gunfighter said...

Any chance that you have another cat named Tybalt?

super des said...

ha ha ha, gf.
I have found that Mecru has twins all over the country though.

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