Monday, August 06, 2007

where to begin?

I was gone for 11 days, but it seems longer. It is very nice to sleep in your own bed, with your cat's nails walking on you, just like old times. And for some reason I woke up this "morning" at noon with a killing headache. And there is no coffee or soy milk. What the heck was that boy doing while I was gone? Anyway, let's hope my old routine of drinking tea and blogging sets me right.

First, a general overview of the trip. As a refresher, I spent a few days at the BlogHer conference in Chicago, then a few more days in CA to be Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding. I had a lot of fun, but am tired. And I will break my descriptions up into segments because I don't want them to be the longest things ever.

Now that my headache is gone and I've begun writing again, it's good to be back! (Of course soon I will have to fully snap back into reality and continue working on that whole "finding a job" thing.

Missed y'all!

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