Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's the little things

Tonight upon leaving the movie theater*, we found ourselves in Union Square, a place that we hate, but know well. Therefore it makes sense that I would turn right to go to the nearest subway station entrance. What did not make sense was when Craig turned left. When asked about this odd behavior, he simply said he was going to the "closest" one. The one across the street. Not the one I wanted to go to, 10 feet away.

I informed him of all this (read: nagged) as we made our way across and down the stairs. I stopped dead when I saw the big metal gates covering the turnstiles, blocking our entrance. We turned right around and went back up the stairs, back across the street, to the other entrance. This one was open. You remember, the one I wanted to go into in the first place.

* Simpsons Movie! Speaking as an *ahem* Simpsons affecionado, I can say that I was actually quite pleased. Normally when a tv show gets made into a movie, the tv-life is killed off. I was (am) okay with this happening to the Simpsons because even though the first 8 seasons rocked my socks (and I continue to watch them religiously via the magic of DVDs), they are no longer with the funny making. However, I was promised that all of the past writers were contributing to the movie (except Conan, because - according to him - too many interviews with Lindsay Lo and sports stars have broken his brain) but there was no David X. Cohen to be found. He's my favorite one. Fine. He's my second fave, behind John Swartzwelder (who was there). But Cohen's my favorite Futurama writer. Anyway the movie was funny.


Alex Elliot said...

My comment just got lost. Anyhow, I was going say that I used to live in Union Square. For about two months through a friend of a friend of Suzanne's. I want to see the Simpson's but I think I'll wait for the DVD. We do have some BK Simpson toys from our road trip. For the record all three of us hated Burger King. I should have just taken the money I spent and thrown it in the trash since none of us ate anything.

super des said...

You can definitely wait til the DVD comes out. And I hate BK too. Bleh.

jessabean said...

First, Taco Bell is where it's at. Second, I love it when I'm right! And I love to nag the hell out of the boy when it happens (often). Third, I haven't seen the Simpsons movie yet but I definitely want to.

super des said...

I get a craving for a Taco Bell bean & cheese burrito about once or twice a year. Weird.

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