Sunday, August 12, 2007

adventures in angry letters

I was reading Suebob's post about her suggestion to a large faceless corporation, and I was reminded of an adventure I once had. Back when I worked for the nameless drugstore, I also happened to be heavy into my animal rights phase. This included boycotting companies that did not have that happy "no animal testing" logo. (I still boycott those for the most part, but I'm not so militant. No plastering bumper stickers on private property or things like that.) Thanks to the brainwashing of PETA, I was against a certain giant corporation that rhymes with Mocktor & Mamble. They make everything. Name a product. They make it. So I was not happy with the fact that I had to deal with them every day at work.

One day I was putting away a line of this corporation's shampoos. One exploded and went all over my arm, my neck, my designer drugstore smock, and any clothes I happened to be wearing under said designer smock. I washed myself off and refused to put away the rest of the shampoo. Soon I noticed a rash developing. (That's part of that whole Super Sensitive Skin thing.) Since I already hated the corporation, this made me even madder. So I wrote them a "nice" letter, which ended with the phrase "I guess all that animal testing you do doesn't do shit in real life" or something like that. Why would a product that's meant to be applied to your body give you a rash?

Few weeks go by, no response. I didn't figure there would be one. But then lo and behold, I get a letter from the corporation. "Thank you for you question or comment regarding your favorite shampoo. Enclosed is a coupon for $5 off."

Gee thanks.

ps - did you see these opal earrings? They are fab-u-lous! *3 snaps*


SUEB0B said...

Ah yes, the dreaded "coupon for the thing you don't want because it sucks" answer. Dumb!

I hate that shampoo (Mantene?). To me, it stinks like nobody's bizness.

super des said...

You know it was Mantene. (ha ha ha! what a funny name!) We are too similar, you and I.

Suzanne said...

Yesterday I started reading a very interesting book about extreme animal rights activists. I'm just glad that you were not nearly as brainwashed as the people who disinterred some guy's grandmother and held it hostage until he agreed to stop breeding guinea pigs. Bumperstickers: cool. Bodysnatching: evil.

super des said...

Yeah... I was never that extreme.

Alex Elliot said...

I'm impressed they even bothered to write back even if it was a form letter.

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