Sunday, August 26, 2007

class wars

I'm taking an online class for copyediting. I'm not taking it to learn anything or to get a good grade - I am already an excellent speller and grammar person, and grades are stupid. I'm taking it purely so that I can list it on my resume and potential employers will see evidence that I am a grammar and spelling person, because the world is so eschewed that people think I am an idiot unless my resume says otherwise. Bah. I hate resumes.

Anyway, I also hate this class. The people are idiots and interject the chat sessions with their own bragging stories or side conversations that have nothing to do with the lesson. The teacher does try to stay on topic, but is constantly interrupted by people making :) or :P because they are apparently in middle school.

The teacher's not perfect either. While she seems able to maintain focus, she has a hard time posting the assignments on time. The first assignment was due 2 weeks after class began even though they are all supposed to be due like 3 days after we get them. That messed up the second assignment, which I thought was due on the normal day (are they both due the same day?) but nobody but me has done it yet. So in the course outline when it explains when things are due, it is completely wrong.

My "classmates" prefer to talk about themselves and break the rules. When asked to "tell us a little about yourself" there were people who wrote 3 page novels about who they are, what they did last week, what their pets' names are, what color the sky is, and all sorts of things nobody cares about. I wrote 2 sentences: stated my name, location, and why I was taking the class. Other people decide the class bulletin board is their own special place to do whatever they want, like post the assignment 12 times, each a different way, until they get it right. No, you correct it on your own and then post one final version. What is so hard about that?

I resent the class. I am mad that it takes up my Wednesdays from 8-9 pm listening to the chat room drivel. I don't have anything else to do, but I'd sure like to do anything other than that. I resent the money I spent on the class, which in theory will help me get a job and then result in less than a weeks' pay, but in reality I coulda spent that money on my new tattoo which sure, would hurt for a little bit, but I'd be happy with it.

Ok, so there's my rant. You'll probably hear more from me on the subject, oh I don't know, maybe every Wednesday while I sit in the chat room listening to people brag about who is the bigger idiot.

ps - I missed the first chat session because I forgot, but was able to read the transcript right away. I didn't have to participate, but I still had my brain burned with stupidness.


Brillig said...

Ohhhhh, I'm sorry that you have to do this. You, of all people! The grammar queen! Still... I get why you're doing it. Hopefully it will all be over soon, and you'll land a job paying so much money you won't know what to do with it all!

super des said...

I'm assuming this is going to happen now thanks to Bril's good thoughts.

Cherann said...

Can you remind what kind of work you do again?

super des said...

I was looking for something in editing. But I'm not looking for that any more.

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