Tuesday, August 21, 2007

can you stomach this?

I'm not a food finisher. Very rarely will you see an empty plate in front of me, unless I have not yet loaded food onto it. And it's not an issue of my eyes being bigger than my stomach; it's an issue of (I'm convinced) me having multiple stomachs - yes, like a cow - and they are all very small.

Why the multiple stomachs? For each kind of food, silly. When I first started studying this phenomenon, I thought I had maybe a "dinner" stomach and a "fruit, ice cream, and other desserts stomach." You'd be amazed at how often I don't finish my dinner because I'm full. But then I still want dessert.

Now I'm starting to think that there is a stomach for salad, a stomach for hot food, a stomach for soup, a stomach for bread, and so on. Throw in factors like the weather and I'm amazed I manage to eat anything at all. (I do eat significantly less when it's hot and / or humid outside. Stupid New York.) My stomach for mac & cheese is quite large, and I've never once gotten sick of refilling it. Then my salt stomach is very small, so that when it is full I can't even bear to smell something like soy sauce. And there is every size in between.

Even if I like my meal, I probably won't finish it. Doesn't matter if I made it myself, paid for it in a pricey restaurant, or one of my multiple adopted granmas has made it special for me. I just can't do it. It's not that I don't want to - I'm just a little insane and so things like that are impossible. (And forget about it if I don't like the food. Or if it's slimy.)

I'm no food scientist. But I am also clearly not insane. So if we are eating a meal together and you notice I don't finish my food, don't be offended.

ps - another reason my boyfriend is great is that he long ago accepted the post of "crust finisher." (I was going to say crust eater, but that sounds dirty!) Breaded products like pizza and sandwiches do tend to disappear from my plate when I've decided I'm done. I don't even have to tell him anymore!

This wasn't a very good post. Sorry.


Alex Elliot said...

A little known fact about you!

super des said...

I actually got the idea from your blog.

Sudiegirl said...

Au contraire!

I think this is a great post...I'm going to link to it today, as a matter of fact.

My sister is weird about food "touching"...she would use those divided cafeteria trays if she could get away with it. However, she likes Kentucky Fried Chicken's gravy on top of their cole slaw.

Somehow, this makes my peanut butter & Cheerio sandwiches on whole wheat bread look pretty darned palatable.

And you can take that to da bank.

Miss u...come back and visit!

viciousrumours said...

I don't eat much when it's hot out either. Which is handy right now as I'm trying to lose the rest of this baby weight I gained.

I myself am a "picky" eater. A seriously picky eater. I'll only eat certain foods prepared a certain way. It frightens me to think what would happen if I travel anywhere else in the world and try to eat.

super des said...

Hi sudie!
My bf used to not let his food touch. He's gotten better. Personally, I'm a mixer.

I can't call myself picky. Food just has to taste good.

# #