Monday, July 02, 2007

trip to the Angry Dome

This email conversation with Craig came about today, after I had already written my last post (which should now be disregarded).

Wanna watch a movie tonight?
I think so.
I was telling Suze* I need to go to the Angry Dome. They are making me move my desk after all. Nevermind that I won’t get any work done OR that other people have to come do it for me and they could’ve done this while I was out.
Lame. We can see if we can find a place with an Angry Dome when we move. Hard to get out here, though. And it would be expensive, like a patio or a balcony.Worth checking for though.
I think a patio or balcony could be converted into an Angry Dome. They sell kits for that.
Yeah, well, it would be hard to get a patio or balcony, too. And those kits are pretty expensive for what you get. The dome's aren't even sturdy. It's basically a big clear trash bag and some pipe cleaners.
Then we’ll use that stuff. There’s that big craft store on Pearl street , and I love making things.

So what, you may ask, inspired this rant about Angry
Domes? Well after I thought I was all fine & dandy to keep sitting by my window, I found out that, no, I have to move. Apparently it's very urgent, though not urgent enough to do in the 2&1/2 weeks I was gone. Since I am still injured, I am not moving anything. I told them this. They said that these other guys will come do it. So not only am I going to get further behind on my work, but these guys are too. Why can't it wait 3 weeks? Because they want everyone to be together. Why have I been separate from them for 3 weeks? I dunno, but this circular reasoning is driving me batty.

Reason #2 I need the Angry Dome. They switched our health plan effective yesterday (which is great since we have to have the forms turned in by tomorrow!) so I was filling out the form for that for my 3 remaining weeks. I asked about COBRA, w
hich is going to cost like $350 a month and suddenly it was urgent that I sign the form right that second so New Boss could send it in. I told her no, I need to think about it. That's a significant hunk of change. I at least need to look it over and look at our finances and talk to the other person who shares my bank account. No I need this right now if you're going to have COBRA!

Lucky for me, I have my own personal lawyer who pointed out that after I leave the job, New Boss has 14 days to deliver the COBRA info to me "in person or by first class mail" and then I have 60 days to decide on it. I pointed this out to NB. She replied "I don't have to mail it. I can email you, and that's what I'm doing." I again reminded her of the
"in person or by first class mail" thing, and said REGARDLESS, I still have a while to think about it.

Why she gotta be all breakin the law and shit? The COBRA laws also state that the plan coordinator (NB here) is personally responsible for getting the stuff to me. So I know who is going down if she doesn't comply.

Angry rant complete. Remember when I didn't have complaints about my boss? Sure, Old Boss could be annoying, but at least he was a good boss and not rude to his employees when they pointed out his idiocy. 16 more workdays.....

notes: (from wikipedia)
Angry Dome – A dome built into the Planet Express building that Farnsworth uses to vent out his anger.

*Of course this is Suzanne from CUSS. I'm so lazy that I can't even write my friends' names out all the way.


Brillig said...

Ho. Ly. Crap. Oh, I need an angry dome just reading about this. NB is a complete and total nutcase. Yikes. I'm so glad you're getting out of there. I just wish it could be sooner. Ick.

super des said...

It will be sooner if they don't watch themselves!

jessabean said...

I want an Angry Dome, too!

And good for you for calling them on their B.S. about COBRA. That's ridiculous.

16 more days!

super des said...

oF course today they tried to pull more crap which I'm not going to blog about because it makes me angry. But it's along the same lines, something about I need to fill out the direct deposit form so when they reimburse me they don't have to write a check. Well in the 2 weeks I have left, I doubt I will get any reimbursements so I refused and got into a fight with NB.

Ah, work.

Suzanne said...

I live in an invisible Angry Dome that surrounds me wherever I go. You can share it if you want.

The people you work for are so incompetent it almost scares me.

super des said...

They really are the worst people I've ever worked for.

# #