Monday, July 02, 2007

back to work

So since I was in significantly less pain (and totally bored at home) I made the transition back to work today. I was told I looked "a lot better, not so pale" which is confusing because you'd think I'd be more pale (is that even possible) after being at home for 2 weeks. New Boss is worried about my ankle swelling up because that's what she can see. Yes, there are still some bruises but that is the least of my worries. Just because you can't see my ribcage or my shoulder doesn't mean they were dismissed.

While I was gone they made the move of our department away from my lovely window into a tiny little cave without windows or contact with other people. Of course they didn't move me. This is fine because they expect me to move myself and since I'm still technically injured, AND I have only 17 (!) working days left, there won't be any moving. So I get to stay next to my sunny window and still be completely isolated from the rest of the office. It's win-win for me.

Also while I was gone they used my computer and desk, and messed up all the piles of crap I had. I had everything organized and labeled so that anyone with sense could pick up where I left off. But no, they took off all the labels, moved all the piles, and did god knows what else. Yay, I get to re-organize it. Neat. Not to mention the throngs of people that left messages on my phone even though the outgoing message said to call New Boss because I wouldn't be in. But why would someone listen to that? Instead they should probably just get angry at me for not calling them back.

Apparently there is a new girl (my replacement - I knew it would be a woman!) starting this week. So I probably won't be on the internet. She knows how to do that already, I'm assuming. But she gets about 2 weeks to learn her new job, which encompasses the jobs of 3 people that no longer work here. I didn't learn all at once, but I also had a boss that was more in touch with the real world. After July 25, I'm out. Next day I'm off to Chicago for BlogHer, and then to CA to maid of honor for my friend. Then back to a new job (right?).


mdog said...

i'm back to work too [from vacation], and i'm sitting here wondering, Why would you take it upon yourself to rearrange someone ELSE'S desk, and not put humpty dumpty back together again? i give up trying to make sense of the world.

the good news is, i don't actually care that much, and have decided to live life as though i am on perpetual vacation. it's very chill this way. :)

super des said...

Yeah, since I'm checking out soon, I also don't care. It's so much easier.
The only reason I cared before was that it was more work if I didn't.

jessabean said...

Man, I love "short-timer's syndrome"--when you know you've only got a little while before you leave the place forever and you don't give a crap about anything.

Jealous about BlogHer by the way. Already have my one big trip for the summer planned out, so I can't go. But I hope you have fun!

super des said...

Ah, short timers' syndrome, or STS. It's nice.

And I wish you were going to BlogHer too, though I guess we're not so far away from each other that if we wanted to have our own blogging conference we could.

ha ha ha nerds.

karrie said...

Glad you were able to stay by the window at least. :)

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