Monday, July 16, 2007

the impossible necklace

I bought a new outfit on Saturday. Naturally I wanted to wear it on Monday. I had a black shirt, white skirt with black trim, white shoes with black trim, a black headband with white stripes, but no jewelry that matched so completely. Sure, I could throw in a splash of color, but I was going for the whole bi-chrome effect. So I did what any self respecting jewelry artist would do: I made myself a new necklace.

Once I had all my supplies together, the designing process didn't take long at all (duh - black, gray, white, repeat). SO I whipped myself up a pretty strand of faux-pearls. As I'm about to snap a picture for posterity, I notice that in one place, the pattern doesn't go b-g-w, it goes b-g-w-w-g-b which is only a minor misstep, but I'm a perfectionist dammit.

So I remake the necklace. Then as I'm crimping the final bead that holds the whole thing together, the wire breaks for no reason and black agates go a-flying. I yell a few choice words and begin the reconstruction process. Craig tells me to stop it, give up, do it tomorrow. But I need to wear the necklace tomorrow!

So I make the necklace for the third time. All goes as planned, I take the photos, and decide I can finally go to bed. This is why when my alarm went off at 6:45 am Monday morning, I wondered aloud what day it was, and had to really rack my brain as to why I would be getting up so early.

Of course, cold coffee saved the day. And I looked absolutely stunning in my little ensemb.


flutter said...

I'll bet you did!

Alex Elliot said...

Where's the picture?

super des said...

tee hee.
Even though I looked stunning, I also was too lazy to take a self portrait.
Maybe next time.

mdog said...

ooooo. i LIKE the necklace.


mar said...

i'm sure you looked smashing (not the des smash kind).
it is really pretty. when i win the lottery, i'll be sure to buy some bling from you.

jessabean said...

Ooo that necklace shore is purty! Worth the trouble, no?

super des said...

well when you do mar, I'll make sure to make something extra bling-y.

and yes, jessabean, it was worth it.

# #