Sunday, July 15, 2007

weekends abound

Yesterday I went clothes shopping. For me. That's my favorite kind of clothes shopping!
I had recently come to the realization that very few articles in my closet were as shiny and crisp as they once were. That's what I get for doing the majority of my shopping in thrift stores. Plus, I've also been made aware of the fact that NYC employers like to interview people in suits.

Off to midtown! I did find a very nice skirt-suit and another skirt and a plain black button-up shirt. I thought I might have to go shoe shopping again (darn!) but it turns out that my brown Italian suede shoes will go just fine.* Not too shabby. I still need to get more button-up shirts though.

Then this morning I was finalizing my return trip from CA. We hadn't made hotel reservations yet. Luckily there was a block of rooms reserved for us out of town wedding guests. (Besides the fact I'm only spending 2 nights in the hotel - the several days before, I get to stay at the bride's house. Duh.) Then I was deciding on my return voyage. Original plan was to go visit the fam. Unfortunately, it was over $400 for an hour-long flight. OK, Amtrak. $54 for a 6 hour trip. Yuck, but I can do it. Then to come home. What's this? $700 to fly one way from Eureka to NYC? Nope. Can't swing that. Sorry mom and dad.

So I'll be returning on the same flight as Craig, and even though he booked his flight many moons ago, the seat next to him was still available. This is actually a better plan since I might need to do that "finding a job" thing. PLUS this way I get to go the Jersey Shore with Suzanne and her gang. (I know it's Jersey, but it'll still be fun.) And I can come back easily to wear my new suit if someone decides I should work there. Which someone needs to do.

But for some reason making these plans made for a very stressful morning. I finished some new jewelry (for my new friend / replacement at work) and soon will jaunt off to the book club to discuss this month's book, which I read this week and finished last night.


* Another thrift store purchase. $4 - and no additional cows had to die so I could have covered feet.


Alex Elliot said...

Yeah for the Jersey Shore! The boys and I are going too. BG is going to be a guest blogger for me for the week.

super des said...

Ooh fun!
It'll be a fun group I think.

Suzanne said...

What? Guest blogging? We are going to internet cafes, damn it! Nothing stops the blog addiction! (Ok, maybe that is only my problem....)

I love the suit by the way. it is perfect for NYC interviewing.

super des said...

I smell a guest post...

MsLittlePea said...

I've been to the Jersey shore. It's not so bad...

# #