Tuesday, July 17, 2007

so... bored....

What did you do at work today? Anything? That's more than I did. I did absolutely nothing. Less than normal, even. And it's not just because my little protege and I are so awesome, either. Nobody in the entire building has any work to do. I knew summer was our slow time, but this is ridiculous.

The shop guys sacrificed a half day's pay and went home at noon. Everyone in the office wanders around to talk to each other, having impeccably cleaned and organized their entire workspace. When the phone rings, people jump across desks to answer it. I so wish I was lying. I left work 1&1/2 hours early today because of the time I was there, 1/2 hour was lunch, and about 5 hours were just me reading my book* while my trainee took a nap. I stuck it out as long as I could, but at 3:30 I decided that I would rather forsake the $15 I would get on my check for an early gym time and more time at home. There was nothing to do (I'm talking tumbleweeds, here) and even if something did come along, New Girl could handle it no problemo.

* I've decided that I don't like the genre of "historical-mystery-thriller." You know, there's an ancient document or work of art, and someone discovers that it has a secret, and as he pursues it people die until he loses and the mystery remains unsolved forever. Very much a la the DaVinci Code, which I haven't yet read - though it was included in the pile of free books I got from my friend. Incidentally, The Rule of Four, which is what set me off on this little rant, was in that same pile.
Anyway, I just don't like how things work out so perfectly. "Oh here's a clue in this well-known document. But I can't quite figure it out. I'll ask my girlfriend. She knows the answer, and I just happen to have a map or something equally random that will help me solve the mystery once and for all!" So yeah.

ps - someone started a blog for betting on sports and randomly finds things (other blogs?) by typing stuff in google and then his blog is the result. For instance, he found my birthday post (pre-accident) by typing in "bet tips." Then he adds his own little commentary, like " Not exactly what I was looking for, but still a interesting read." Mine was " What do you think of that?"
Here's what I think of that: you should post your own blogs rather than stealing the summary results from search engines that reference other people's blogs, most of which have nothing to do with what you claim your blog is about!
Whew. Mouthful.

pps - I watched "Some Like it Hot" last night, which is actually a pretty hilarious movie. Now I know the Marilyn fans will scream blasphemy, but seriously, the woman couldn't act. It took her 59 takes to say "where's the bottle." But Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon make up for it.


Working Girl said...

Marilyn may not have been able to ask where the bottle was...but I'm pretty sure she had no trouble actually finding the bottle.

super des said...

ha ha yeah.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually like the historical-mystery-thriller-fiction genre either, because I spend the whole book going, "Oh yeah. Of course. I mean, that happens to me like every Tuesday."

Alex Elliot said...

Well, BlogHer is just around the corner!

flutter said...

I found a link to me on that blog, too!

Count Mockula said...

That book pissed me off. It was such a ripoff, and it was ridiculously pat in the resolution. I remember thinking "Wait... that's IT?"

HOWEVER, there are some books in that genre for kids that are really charming -- they're by Blue Baillout (I think that's the spelling) and they're quick reads and have cool main characters and one's about a Frank Lloyd Wright house. I recommend those.

super des said...

dd - exactly!

ae - I know! I'm so excited!

f - what a sneaky pete!

cm - I can appreciate the research that went into it, but come on. I might have to check out old Blue.

Sudiegirl said...

I think I agree with you about historical thriller type crap. Give me Jonathan Kellerman any day...nothing says "quality mystery" like a child psychologist hanging out with his gay male homicide detective friend.

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