Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Daily Affirmations with super des (post #2 today)

The lovely Flutter is punishing me for "weenying out" of doing a different meme, so my punishment is to write 10 great things about myself. It's supposed to raise my self esteem, Stuart Smalley-style, but I'm really it's just an excuse to leak out my vanities.

1. I'm fun. People enjoy being around me, whether it's for a karaoke party in the city or a one-on-one gab session.

2. I'm smart. I was valedictorian in high school, because HS was a joke. I might have been on the Dean's list in college if I devoted more time to studying and less time trying to earn rent money. Besides grades, I can remember old things and figure out new ones.

3. I'm purdy. I've been told many a time that I have a great smile. I'm skinny but not stick-figure thin. I've got some curves, and the right clothes show them off beautifully.

4. I'm a hard worker (and I will get another job!). At the time of departure, my last job was actually 3 people's jobs combined. They weren't good enough to do their part, so I just did it for them. Then they left, not missed.

5. I'm talented. I have the patience to make things out of tiny beads. Then people see those things and want me to make other things especially for them.

6. I'm basically a good person. Sure, I'm a bitch if I don't like you, but I do get sad when people as a whole (or animals) are mistreated. War movies make me cry. I don't like history. I'm not heartless.

7. I have a great boyfriend that loves me no matter what. I've put him through some crap, and yet he still comes back for more. Everyone likes him, but I'm the one that gets to go home with him.

8. People like me to write blogs. I have lots of readers, and get emails when I haven't posted in a while. My blog friends are interested in what I have to say, whether it's an update on work or a silly observation or a haiku.

9. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Some people call me a bitch for this, but they just don't like people that can eloquently express themselves. If you have a valid argument, I will listen to it and consider it. If not, I will tell you why not.

10. I'm unforgettable. Professors I took one class with in college recognize me and know my name several years later. Ex-coworkers and schoolmates look me up to see where I am in life. If I ever rob a bank, Johnny Law will have no trouble finding witnesses to point in my direction. Oh wait, that's not good.

So there. As usual, I tag everyone and no one.


flutter said...

and you are freakin' cute. Thank you for this, girl nicely done

super des said...

talking about my good points is easy :)

Anonymous said...

Well now that was awesome! Yay you! I know that just from reading what you have to say on these here intarwebbies, I'd like to move in next door and be your friend. Or water your plants or pet your cat or whatever. I'm really not picky.

super des said...

I would love for you to come water my plants and pet my cat.

Gunfighter said...

"Johnny LAw"???


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