Friday, June 29, 2007

Worst Picture Ever

Since I have some time to kill, not being at work, I literally sit around and wait for the mail. Then I wait for Craig to come home so he will bring in the mail, as I refuse to go get it in my pajamas and I also refuse to put on decent clothes just to go get the mail.

Anyway, yesterday I got a "free gift" calendar from some nature charity that I have never given money to. Open it up, and I see the Worst Picture Ever.

The wolves are clearly superimposed on their little ice-islands. Not only is this completely unnatural for a wolf, but the lighting's all off, the colors are wrong, and yes, I made one them a Boy Scout. They even painted steam coming from the wolves' mouths.

This picture both angers me and cracks me up. It reminds me of when the Weekly World News did an expose on flying, man-eating turtles. They took one photo of a turtle, then pasted it multiple times over a background of people screaming, only each time they pasted it they either flipped it so it faced the other direction or changed the size. But it was always the same turtle. I know these are different wolves, but it has the same effect.

The rest of the pictures in the calendar are still pretty bad, but at least they are "natural" pictures. I'm sure they were taken in a zoo or other controlled environment, but they aren't so blatantly fake as this one. I ask the questions:
1) Why start off the calendar with this horrible picture? (It's January's!)
2) Why use it at all? There are 3 other pictures of wolves.
3) Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?

It certainly doesn't make me want to give money to the charity, and Craig said it made him feel like going out and killing wolves. It really is the worst picture ever.


Brillig said...

Well, at least you know that they're not wasting the money raised for charity on expensive pictures, right? hahaha. That's seriously so funny.

super des said...

That's a good point. Of course, they could've NOT made the calendar and sent it to a bunch of random people...

jessabean said...

That truly is an awful picture. Blegh! Good work on the Boy Scout modification, though. :p

super des said...

The boy scout costume is the most natural part of the whole picture.

Count Mockula said...

Speakind of wizards, this looks like it would be on the t-shirt of a D&D nerd.

super des said...

I think my mom would like that shirt.

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