Friday, June 29, 2007

stay at home des

Here's how I've spent my time at home, away from work:

1. Made several pieces of jewelry

2. Watched many hours of movies, including all 3 Lord of the Rings extended versions

3. read a lot

4. Grown bored with the internet

5. played and beat the Super Nintendo version of Zelda, which is my favorite game ever

I am going to try to go back to work on Monday not only because I'm not being paid, but also because I'm bored. Plus, I will have only 17 working days left. And no, they have not started looking for my replacement yet even though I gave them 2 months to do it. But then it's off to fun at BlogHer and my friend's wedding! (And hopefully I'll also have a new job to go to.)

** SIDE RANT ***
My DVD of Office Space has a commercial warning against downloading movies illegally. They must have forgotten that I PAID FOR THIS MOVIE, which is why there's even an ad like this on there that can't be skipped in the first place. It makes me want to go download movies because then at least I wouldn't have to sit through the Moral Police video against my will.


jessabean said...

That is a lot of LOTR to watch in one sitting. I admire you.

And I HATE those stupid warnings on the DVDs, and how they won't even let you fast forward. You can't get away from Big Brother...Argh.

super des said...

Well the LOTR were in 2 sittings. I have all the time in the world.

Alex Elliot said...

Sometimes you just need days like that. I pulled a muscle in my neck a couple weeks ago and spent a whole day watching the Law and Order marathon on TV.

Anonymous said...

Grew bored with the internet?


Well, what can I say. It's rained every day for two weeks, and today the kid and I finally broke out the unopened Harry Potter boxed set, and watched all four in a row while in our pajamas. I'd never seen or read any HP, but now I've overdosed.

super des said...

ha ha, at least LOTR runs like on continuous movie.

It's usually the ones who OD on their first try...

# #