Wednesday, June 13, 2007

undershirts: a treatise

Guys, you should wear an undershirt. Girls should too, but we wear bras, and those are kind of the same. A lot of you seem not to know the benefits, so I am here to help explain.

They hide things. Things like too much sweat, fat, or chest hair. Or in the case of the guy on the train, large brown man-nipples that should not be visible to anyone. Don't complain about them being too hot, cumbersome, or uncomfortable. It is only a thin layer of fabric, but it does so much. You can use them as a makeshift napkin or kerchief. (It's still gross, but if you're going to wipe something on your shirt, better the undershirt than the outershirt.)

I personally prefer the t-shirt ones, but if you need to wear the sleeveless wifebeaters, that's better than nothing. You can even get creative and wear a printed shirt underneath your overshirt (though this doesn't work with a white, professional - type shirt). Undershirts are things that nobody can tell that you are wearing, but they can certainly tell if you're not wearing one.

They are cheap; you can buy them at Walmart or wherever. You can use them when you are doing something messy like painting a house. When they are no longer wearable, you can use them as rags for cleaning or polishing your car.

Moral: Wear a damn undershirt.


MsLittlePea said...

yeah, I'm not a fan of large brown man-nipples either. Mandatory undershirts should be a law.

super des said...

Can we get a petition started?

viciousrumours said...

If we're going to start a petition, I say we should include grooming as part of it. Knuckle and nexk waxing in particular. If I can manage to shave a good third of my body on a regular basis...dammit they can get the hair off their little Hobbit like hands.

super des said...

That would be a good rider on the bill.

mar said...

i take it craig isn't particularly hirsute?
i always said i wanted a hairless (to an extent) man. now i've ended up with one who's nearly as fuzzy as my father. at least he wears undershirts when necessary.

super des said...

ha ha, what a great word.
Craig is just right. that is to say, there are no back waxes in his future. AND he wears undershirts a'plenty. (I stole the printed t-shirt idea from him.)

Cherann said...

My Hubby doesn't wear undershirts unless he's wearing a suit. He has a wool coat on his chest (i.e. he's super hairy) and wearing an extra shirt makes him really hot.

flutter said...

preach it, sister!

# #