Wednesday, June 13, 2007

goodbye, cruel window

Even though I only have 28 working days left, they are moving my "office" to another part of the building. Read: no more window for des. The pro is that I won't have the freezing air on me in the winter (which I wouldn't anyway since my last day is July 25). The cons are many, including no more sunshine, no more birds, and no more being in a secluded corner all by my not-so lonesome.
Also, there was no warning. I walked in and was told the move was today. Great, I said. I won't do any work, and I'll be out the next 2 days. Why even come in? But as of yet they haven't started moving my actual desk, just the file cabinets that have lined the walls for years. So I'm "working."

I can hear New Boss telling the movers where to put things. Then they ask her and my other department-mate questions. No questions to me, even though I am the one that completely reorganized all these files and the entire office when I started here. I know where everything is, and even though everything is labeled, New Boss can't figure it out. And since we don't like each other, she refuses to come ask me. Which is fine. They're the ones gonna be screwed when I leave.

Part of the reason I'm leaving? No recognition for my hard work.


MsLittlePea said...

You're going to be so damn happy to be out of there.

super des said...

You don't need to tell me!

Brillig said...

Uh... yeah. One more reason that they completely and totally suck. I'm sorry for your windowlessness. That would drive me nuts.

super des said...

It's one thing to never have a window, but another to have one for almost 2 years and then it gets taken away!

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