Thursday, June 28, 2007


If you have an interview coming up, spend some time with some good friends right before it. Yesterday I was lucky enough to do this.

After my doctor's appointment (there is a good possibility that I have a cracked rib, and the dr is worried about my shoulder - I'll go in for xrays on both soon) I ate lunch with Suzanne. We wandered around a bit and then I accompanied her to her office. While she finished up a bit of work, I chatted through cell phone magic with the friend I will be Maid-of-Honoring for. That was a good conversation except for the part when she cried because she realized she forgot my bday (she's getting married in like a month! She's busy!). Then I hung out with Suzanne some more before visiting my friend that works on the same floor of the building that my interview was in. We had fun for about an hour, while she piled books into a bag for me, and by the time my interview came I was loose, chatty, and in a very congenial mood.

I think it went well. Everyone send good vibes my way.

And here's my horoscope for today:
You may receive glimpses of your future and you know that you must stop for a breath of fresh air if you are to reach your goals before exhaustion hits. It's not that you are feeling less than; in fact, it may be exactly the opposite. Because you are on a roll, you could be overdoing it. Slow down and make your energy last even longer.

And yesterday:
You want to meet new people and partake in every activity that appears exciting. Remember, however, that it is easy for you to get carried away in the moment -- more so today than usual. Withhold your most intense desires. Make your high ideals your guiding light, instead of being led around by the possibility of indulgent pleasure.


Suzanne said...

Gooooooo Des! And we had damn good food, too, which I think is important interview prep.

super des said...

And I didn't even spill on myself! (Though afterwards, I did spill coffee on my coff-colored skirt.)

Brillig said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear the results of the interview. And I'm so sorry that your rib and shoulder are still giving you so much trouble. That really sucks. I hope they can figure it out and make you all well again!!!

super des said...

Thanks Bril!

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