Friday, June 22, 2007

competing illnesses

I was awoken at 4am because Craig didn't feel well. My first thought was that he was just trying to get attention because I am hogging it all with my current injuries. Attention from who? I don't know. But then his 101-degree fever did give me some worry.

So I stumbled around in the dark on a bad ankle fetching him hopeful fever reducers like cold water to drink, a wet towel for his head, and ibuprofen. He lie there complaining about not feeling well and not being able to sleep. Nevermind how I felt.

Craig and I are an incredibly bad combination when we're both sick. We are terribly selfish, and not feeling well increases the crankiness tenfold. It's not unusual to have stupid fights over nothing. Lucky for us, we both understand the rules so all is forgiven when we are no longer sick.

A typical scene occurred yesterday. We were both out of the house; he to the doctor and I to do some errands. We were supposed to meet up when finished because we were near each other and could just ride the train home together. I ended up finishing all my things before he finished his appointment, so the meeting place kept moving closer and closer to him. I was carrying 2 plastic bags (paper towels, kleenex, etc) AND walking on a bad ankle, while he was coughing and running a (smaller) fever. The last straw came when he told me to walk to his subway stop instead of the one I felt I was closer to. He said "I don't feel good, I don't want to walk." Passersby could see me yelling into my cell phone "And you think I feel good?"

But I gave in and walked to his stop. I didn't see him. So I got on the train. He had made it very clear that he wasn't feeling well and wanted to get home ASAP. So I figured that's what he'd done. As I'm rounding the corner to my house, I get a call that he's still at the station. He's been waiting for like 1/2 an hour because "I made it clear that we were to meet." I retort with his making it clear that he was going home and we fume at each other via cell phone, for all to see.

When I got the mail and came inside, I notice something that is obviously a wedding invitation from Craig's cousin. I yelled something like "Well I Know I'm never getting married because my boyfriend and I hate each other because he's an insensitive asshole!" Of course the only one to hear it (besides possibly my neighbors) was the cat, and he gave me a look like "Lady, I'm just trying to sleep in this box." Then I cried on my bed for a while.

When Craig came home, we ate some lunch and watched a movie, then played computer Jeopardy. All is well now, but like I said, we are a bad combo when we are both in less than tip top shape.


viciousrumours said...

A simple rule of nature: Men are babies. This rule applies to all men, everywhere.

I hope that you both begin feeling better very soon.

It's summer and no one should be sick in the summer.

super des said...

It's true, men ARE babies.
And I guess if you want to get technical, I'm not really sick, I'm injured. But it's still summer, dammit.

mar said...

you've gotta vent to somebody. better it's someone who loves you, selfishness and all. it's just too bad you both have to be sick/injured at the same time.
i definitely let the crazy/irrational fly when i'm ill.

super des said...

It's a bad combo all around. Men are babies and women are emotional.

Anonymous said...

good lord woman! I slack off reading for a little while and look what happens! I had no idea!

Yeesh.. see this is why i don't exercise anymore. I don't want to risk getting road rash like that.

Suzanne said...

Now that you are not mad at each other you can both enjoy the glorious weekend that we are supposed to have. yay!

flutter said...

this made me want to hug you. Poor girl

MsLittlePea said...

Omigosh! That sounds like me and my husband. I'm the one with the weaker immune system because I'm constantly anemic so I catch every cold and flu on Earth. He always catches it from me and then is grumpy at me when he does while I bitch about his goes on. It's true-Men are total babies when it comes to being sick.

Cherann said...

I don't like when my husband is sick at the same time that I am either. I like to be babied when I'm sick and plus... I like to have someone watch the kids while I wallow in illness.

super des said...

Luckily I don't have kids to look after.

# #