Friday, May 25, 2007

if only

My job would be 10,000 times more tolerable if only...

New Boss:
Was more organized. Knew how to do her job. Wasn't lazy. Wasn't the type that expects everyone to hold her hand through everything ever. Said good night and good morning to me. Didn't talk on her cell phone all day. Didn't make me stop my work to look for things that I can't find because they're not where they are supposed to be, only to have her say "Oh I have it here." Acknowledged that I gave my notice and hired someone to replace me instead of waiting until I leave and then saying "can you stay to train this person?" which I know she is going to do (but I wouldn't stay even if I was going to be in town).

Didn't let my age bother them so. Didn't treat me like an inferior. Didn't expect special treatment from me. Talked about things other than American Idle. Didn't ask if I was going to a party because I wear dresses in the summer. Knew how to do their own jobs and didn't expect me to do it for them. Didn't tell me how to do mine.

Didn't exist at all. (I haven't posted an installment in the Receptionist Wars lately - it's not because she hasn't been bugging me, but it's just the same old crap and how much can I write about that?)

Ah, it's nice to dream, isn't it?


Sugar Kane said...

Work would be great if I didn't have co-workers. I'd love to be a consultant. You get to come in, tell people what they do wrong, and leave. Fun stuff.

super des said...

I would love that! In fact, that's what I do already, except for the leaving part...

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