Thursday, May 24, 2007

des in a bubble

I hate this mix of cold & allergies (coldergies? allercold?). I live in a bubble. I make disgusting noises with my nose that would drive me crazy if I was sitting next to myself on the train or at work. I'm not blowing my nose as much as I was the other day, and I'm sure that's all due to the magic of Afrin nasal spray. However, I do feel like my nose is going to explode from the pressure. I blow my nose so hard my ears pop, but my nose remains clogged and I still live in a bubble. It is a thoroughly unpleasant sensation and I pine for the days when I could breathe freely and hear through both ears.

It's utterly stupid because there's nothing wrong with me. No fever. No throwing up (thank god!). Just the inability to breathe. Although the bubble is becoming more dense day by day and is severely impairing my ability to think. Soon I will be so far into this bubble of ear and nose pressure that I will walk into walls (more than I already do) and nobody will be able to contact me. I would love if the bubble would carry me away, but it is far too heavy for that. At night I go to sleep very early because I am so wiped out from a day-long struggle of just trying to breathe.

Seriously, breathing should not make you tired. I reiterate: this is stupid. I've taken drug after drug, and the only thing they do is add a drug-bubble to my sick-bubble, so I am a dubble bubble. That is not fun. It's like that gum. That's not fun either. You don't know how many bubble-induced typos I make on a daily basis now, which is extra infuriating. I want to chop off my nose and ears (well just the left ear) and empty the remains with a shovel. Then reapply them, Mr. Potato Head-style, and all will be well. That will work right?



flutter said...

oooh babe, that sounds nasty. Dr visit?

super des said...

I don't have a real doctor, and I don't know what they could tell me other than stay home. Which I should be doing anyways.

jessabean said...

Sinus infection? I dunno. If you go to the doctor you might get some fun drugs. Hehehe! But seriously, I hope you pop the bubble soon and feel better!

super des said...

Lord I hope it's not a sinus infection. But it seems to be going around.

cathouse teri said...

That reminds me of the Spongebob episode when he gets sick and Patrick plugs up all his holes.

Sweetie, I am a PRO at allergy remedies! You should call me!

cathouse teri said...

Uh... here's my number

Oh I know it's scary to post my number out there! God knows who will touch me with their caller voice!

Brillig said...

"It's utterly stupid because there's nothing wrong with me... Just the inability to breathe." Uh, hon, that means there's something WRONG with you. :-D Poor Des. I hope that you feel better soon. It sounds positively miserable.

super des said...

CT - I think it's because I've got a cold mixed in too. The fact that it's both makes it horrible.

B - ok, nothing explicitly wrong with me. (breathing aside)

Suzanne said...

I know a good allergist.

# #