Thursday, June 08, 2006

another overheard conversation at work

It's hot in here!
(singing) It's gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes...
Haven't you ever heard this song?
You don't remember that song?
No. I have no idea.
Come on, a couple years ago? That song was real hot in the summer.
The video was great... everyone was singing it...
Not me, obviously.
What century do you live in?
The 60s.
I bet your kids know the song.
They probably do, but my son has a poster of Hendrix in his room.

Just to give you some background, this conversation took place between two middle-aged women, 1 white & 1 black. I mention this only because the black woman is often overheard conversing with a Puerto Rican woman that also works here. For example:

Did you go to that concert?
Which concert?
That one in the park... It sounded like Marc Anthony.
I didn't go.
Oh you would have liked it. It was Latin.
(puzzled look)

- or -

(on her return from a vacation in PR)
Oh! You're so tan! You look just like J.Lo!
*This was not taken as a compliment.*

I feel that I should mention that this woman is the one with the famous quote:
Is it weird getting used to wearing a coat?
(on learning I was from CA)



Suebob said...

Has she handed you any tomatoes lately? LOL

super des said...

different coworker. unfortunately, I work with many people that I frown upon.

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