Saturday, May 06, 2006

ongoing celeb complaint

I forgot to mention this...

Yesterday after we had passed any number of cafes, a member of the group turned to the rest of us and casually mentioned that Parker Posey was eating in one of said cafes. Again, I was right next to a celeb, and I missed her.

The lovely Ms. Posey is someone that I would have actually liked to see. She's not quite on the level of Mr. Depp, on which I would kill someone just to shake his hand (and swoon, and pass out), but she is far above the level of most celebs, on which I would kill someone in order to avoid seeing at all.

The obvious question is this: Why, des, did you not simply go back to the cafe so you could see Ms. Posey?
And my answer: Because I don't want to be a stalker weirdo, walking back & forth in front of someone who is trying to enjoy their meal. When I am famous, this will annoy me.

The kind of reverse-celeb encounter I want to have when I am famous is like the one I had with Mike Meyers on my 16th bday in Las Vegas (Evidently he was filming Austin Powers). We walked right in front of him, looked at each other, and kept walking.
"Was that Mike Meyers?"
"Yeah, that's him."
Mike Meyers chuckled to himself.

And yet, I missed my chance yesterday with Parker Posey.

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