Saturday, May 06, 2006

a-ramblin' and a-wanderin'

Are you ever so bored that you are beyond help? You know there are a million things you could be doing, but you just feel so un-inspired and un-motivated that you sit on the couch like a slug. It's your only defense.

I wait all week for the week's end, so I don't have to be at work and can be doing something fun and / or useful with my time. However, the weekend rolls around and I do nothing. I don't even sleep in (see last blog). I sit and think about all the stuff I could do... finish my necklace, watch tv or a movie, play video games, clean, etc... but then I get mad because I don't want to do any of that. I don't want to just sit there either. It's a horrible place.

Today I felt like taking a wander. But I didn't feel like wandering alone, in my neighborhood. Tomorrow I will go wandering. At some point a grocery trip must be made, and since the Craiginator will already be in the Village "studying" for that last final, I figure I will also go there. I will wander a bit, and probably end up reading in Washington Square Park.

The reason I tell you this is because I'm open to anyone that might also be a-wanderin'. If someone were to read this, realize I'm bored, realize they are also bored, and decide to combine the two, I would accept that. In fact, I would welcome it. It's gonna be one of those nice springtime days before the humidity sets in, so I will make one of my rare outside appearances. Hence the wandering. So if someone even planned ahead, they could message me and we could do some sort of magic-coordinating-things thing. Or they could be spontaneous and just show up in the park. I figure most people won't even read this until Monday anyway, because as I've already suggested, weekends are for doing fun things - not computer virtual life. But if this strikes your fancy, I'm always up for some wandering.

So that's my plan. I will spend the day outside in the park reading Dante and looking out for squirrels. This last must be done because squirrels have a penchant for charging at me and chasing me. I must constantly be on watch to assure that my cat-like reflexes can be responsible for making my getaway. It will be too nice a day to be attacked by a fat squirrel. Plus, what an embarrasing way to die.

As a final thought, I might bring along some bubbles. I saw some in the Ghetto Superstore today, and they were 99 cents. I should have bought them. Luckily, I can always buy them before I get on the train, though it is an extra 20 feet to walk.

So we're in agreement. Me - bubbles, reading, park, squirrels. You - reading this and wishing you lived in New York so you could join me.

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