Friday, May 12, 2006

mother's day

Someone started an outrage at work. Apparantly there is a guy here who doesn't buy his wife anything for Mother's Day. The hoopla continued as follows:

"She's not my mother."
"A mother is a mother, no matter who's mother she is."
"She gets Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, and xmas. Why should she have one more?"
"It ain't easy being a mother! Or a woman!"

And so on.

Mother's Day, in my opinion, is another of those holidays that I don't see the point of. You should honor your mother, but why does everyone have to do it on the same day, and only one day a year? Same with Valentine's, Father's, Grandparent's, and all those other Days.

However, even though I feel this way about Mother's Day, I am forced to celebrate it. I have this very strong inkling that if I didn't send my mom a card and / or call her, she would be very hurt. Especially since I can't go see her in person. So I am a bit of a hypocrite, but it's purely by force. You know how good moms are at guilt trips. I don't need that.

Of course, I'll probably feel differently when I'm a mother. I'll probably turn it into another bday. Bdays are special. Bdays are only for you. I will probably make sure my family knows when Mother's Day is approaching. (Then I get to start bugging them about my bday as well, because it is only a month later!)

But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. There are no motherhood plans in the works for des.
There is a bday plan, however.

Remember this date:


Which reminds me...
a lot of people are born on holiadys, so they have a "thing" - hearts for Valentine's babies, clovers for St. Patties Day, and so on. I don't want flags to be my thing. I'm not gonna get a tattoo of a flag on my right shoulder. Flag day is myth anyway - Betsy Ross didn't make the first flag on June 14. Even if she had, the flag has gone through so many changes that it doesn't even matter. But Flag Day is important to me, because it is also Des Day.

*Note - although Father's Day is always near Flag Day, they are never on the same day. it's calendarically impossible.

Oh yeah, so back to Mother's Day.... (see how egocentric I am?)
Hug your mom. Or your wife. Let the mothers in your life know you appreciate them. But do it every day. Not just when the calendar tells you to.

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Jade said...

A gemini! That's why I like your writing so much!

I, too, am a Gemini.

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