Monday, May 15, 2006

the bitchings of a cold morning

Man, I'm cold. Because it is technically "spring" now, my work has turned off the heater. This is usually fine - we don't need it. But we need it today. I like sitting by a big window because I get sunlight. Today there is no sunlight. Only rain. Since I didn't wear my orange rubber boots to work, my pantlegs were wet for my first few hours of work. This greatly contibuted to the general feeling of cold.

I should have worn the boots, but I was mad at them because I wore them on Friday. Then here's how Friday worked out: Even though the thunder & lightning woke me up, and it was pouring before I left the house, there was no rain for the rest of the day. I didn't know this, so I had my big orange rubber boots and my umbrella. I had to carry them around al day. Not only did I look stupid (though other people had similar getups), they were both very annoying to carry. The boots are also annoying to wear, so I opted to carry them and wear the tennis shoes I brought. So today, I was like "I don't need my orange rubber boots, those jerks." Now I'm the jerk.

It's not even lunchtime and I've already had both tea and coffee. Both warmed me up temporarily, but I keep having to get up and walk around so that I make sure my legs and arms don't freeze off. I'm cold and I want to go home and snuggle in a big blanket with a warm cat. None of those things are here. I don't want anymore coffee because it's gross office coffee and even though I had decaf, it made me wirey. I may have more tea though. Luckily, some time ago I bought a huge box of 50 peppermint tea bags. I have not used them all yet, but I think today I'll put a big chunk of them away. I really want some hot chocolate, but there is none around. Another reason I should be at home.


So very very cold.

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