Monday, May 22, 2006

Go see this movie

Go see this movie. It might be a little difficult because it's an independent film that hasn't gotten distribution yet, but see it anyway. It might be on the Sundance Channel, or it might have a screening near you. Check here for details on that.

Wristcutters: A love story
I wont tell you too much about the content of the movie because I want you to be surprised when you see it. I will say that it is a comedy, in both the traditional and the classical senses. There are funny parts to the film, and it doesn't end with everyone dying. Technicall, everyone is already dead the whole time. It takes place in an afterworld for Suicides; not Heaven and not Hell - though nobody smiles and "it's hot as balls" there. It is a linear story, though we do see clips of a few of the suicides - but don't worry, they are not grisly deaths. Most of them have a comic point to them.

The cast was great. There was a character named Desiree, and it was kind of disconcerting hearing about Desiree's suicide, but that's just me (and other people named Desiree). Appearances were made by Arrested Development's Will Arnett and my favorite insane Davisite, Tom Waits. One of the main characters was played my new favorite actress, Shannyn Sossamon, who I am now in love with.

Because I am special (read: I know the filmmaker's brother) I got to go to a screening of this movie that featured Q & A at the end. I also got to go to dinner with the cast & crew (that were there), though we were at a separate table because the young Mr. Portnoi brought 5 friends. It was still fun though.

My advice to you:
Go see this movie.


David said...

Hmmm... does this movie involve wristcutting? I'm hematophobic (iI pass out a the site of blood in certain instances: ie wristcutting)...

I'm gettint woozy already... gotta go.

super des said...

you do see blood in the sink & on the floor, but you don't see the act of cutting. I can't stand that either. the scene isn't lingered on.

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