Friday, May 19, 2006


I just had this conversation:

This is *some idiot*. It's very important that you call me about this invoice.

I have no idea why she's calling, but I figure that I can call her back & at least point her in the right direction. Damn that customer service in me!

This is Desiree calling back from *my work*. You had a question?

Refresh my memory.

All you said was that it was very important that I call you back.

I already spoke to Desiree.

No, this is Desiree. You left a message.

Yeah I just spoke to you. You said blah blah blah.

That wasn't me.

I spoke to Desiree.

and so on.

Was I in the Twilight Zone? Is this lady taking brain drugs? Was I taking brain drugs?


Radio said...

Wouldn't brain drugs prevent this type of problem? Maybe they forgot their medicines.

super des said...

they forgot their brain.

# #