Monday, May 01, 2006

don't take this the wrong way

One of the best things anyone ever said to me was:

I don't mean this in a Lesbian way, but you look really nice today.

And I replied:

Well I don't mean THIS in a lesbian way, but thank you.

It's good that she clarified, because
a) she didn't want me thinking of her as an immoral person. Most religious types have "homosexual" and "immoral" confused.
b) she didn't want me taking her up on what I may have perceived as an offer for a date, and of course dates lead to even more immoral things.

Now, I am an immoral person, but I'm not homosexual. This was much to the chagrin of this person, who may have secretly wanted her first (maybe not only) homosexual experience to be with me. She was too ashamed to come right out and say it, for fear of persecution form her religious peers. I'm very sorry that I let her down. If she had said it in a more straightforward way, then maybe we could have worked something out. At the time, I had a lot of friends that may have been willing to help corrupt this young Christian, or just violate her for being a ninny.

So I think of this every time someone gives me a compliment, even if it's not on my appearance. Do you mean that in the lesbian way?

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