Sunday, April 30, 2006

park people

I have to mention the most interesting people I saw today. Two girls were seated on the grass that was ok to sit on. One was full-on goth; shiny, straight black hair, black corset, black & white striped tights, and shiny black shoes. Her friend was wearing a frilly pink dress with a white apron and bows in her hair and a doll to accessorize. She looked like a character from Alice in Wonderland. Probably Alice. They both had that "gothic Lolita" style that is real big in Japan, but I have to approve. they obviously spent a lot of time on their appearances, and they pulled it off. They looked impeccable.

Another thing I give them kudos for is that they were even there. I envied those two girls, because in the small instant that I looked at them, I could read their entire relationship. I miss the days when I had a friend that would suggest going to the park, all dressed up. Not only suggest it, but have the means to do it. While glancing at them, a wave of emotions filled me. I was happy for them having such good friends in each other. I yearned for the days when I was the one someone would see and go home and blog about. Most of all, I was sad that those days seem gone, and even though I can dress up & go to the park all I want, doing it without your "other half" by your side seems all for naught. By yourself, there is no one to share the experience with. Even though you may tell others about it, they will never have had the same feelings at the same time regarding it.

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