Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I don't win Scrabble. I don't think I've ever won this game in my life. This saddens me because I have an excellent vocabulary. My vocabulary is so extensive, in fact, I use words that only I know the meaning of. Since these words are considered "made up" they are not in the official Scrabble Player's Dictionary. Or any dictionary that we happen to be using.

In effect, I am being punished for my ingenuity and creativity. It is clearly not my fault that the makers of a board game and the publishers of a dictionary disagree with me. When I am rich and famous, and my words are in the regular American lexicon, and the future players of Scrabble will thank me. Words like "quelf" and "joyed" are priceless, and worth several points.

I will continue to use my words, and if my Scrabble opponents don't like it then they are just sore winners.

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