Monday, May 22, 2006

AIDS Walk report

So, I did the walk. A few highlights:

First, the raw data. I raised $620 and it took us about 2 hours to walk.

Because I raised over $500, I was entitled to a t-shirt, baseball cap, & tote bag. The volunteer at the sign-in desk admitted that she was new, and she only hinted at the fact that she was a complete moron. She tried to give me the coupon for the cap, and when I mentioned that I did in fact raise enough for a tote bag, she argued with me, saying that the $355 I raised online via credit card "didn't count" towards my total. I knew better, because 1) I have done this before, and 2) I'm not a total idiot. I made her get her supervisor, and she asked him if the credit card donations counted towards the total. They don't, right? No, Of course they do! Wow you raised a great amount! Thank you! I'll be taking my tote bag now, thank you. She reassured me that she was new, and she'd never done this before and she didn't understand. I asked her why she would think that more than half of my money didn't count. I guess because it wasn't real money. I'm sure I came off like a total bitch, but she clearly had no clue and I did. But I was proven right, and I got my damn tote bag.

Cap'n Crunch was there. The Cheetos Tiger was there too, but we didn't get a picture with him. Instead we got a picture of my own Tiger, whose full name is the Happy Good Time Tiger, because he has been lots of fun places with me, including every AIDS Walk.

We were actually there in time for the opening ceremonies. 2 of the guys from Queer Eye were there - Carson & Ted, the best ones. Debbie - excuse me, Deborah - Gibson's name was listed on the program, but I don't think she was actually there. Not that we listened to the speeches, but you couldn't avoid hearing some of them.

There were less drag queens than in San Francisco, but I think that is a true statement no matter where I go. I only saw 2 queens during the walk, and they were very non-glam. Then at the end there were some drag queens passing out the completion stickers, but they were ultra non-glam. They were dressed like my old schoolteachers from 1955.

There is probably more to report, but I am tired. I took a nap when I came home from work and I may take another very soon.


Suebob said...

Girl, I am proud of you.

Radio said...

I like the photo, here, because it shows me drinking from a juice box. What with the hoodie, ill-fitting hat, and slack-jawed smile, its really quite a flattering picture.

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