Friday, April 28, 2006

shut up, you whiney monkey

GOD I'm bored.

Here's what I need in order to not be bored right now.

1) Friends that live in New York.
2) Friends that don't go to law school, so they're not all studying for finals at the same time.
3) Something fun to do, that incorporates my laziness.

It's a beautiful day out, but boring ol' work has made me tired so I don't want to go sit somewhere by myself. With no money, the only reasonable thing I can do by myself is go read in the park, but by the time I get there the sun will be starting to set. Then all the jerks from the other boroughs come in to go clubbing or whatever and I end up killing people.

p.s. I know that I also live in an outer borough (for those non-New Yorkers, this means anything outside Manhattan), but I don't go in just on the weekends. I'm there all the freakin' time. Except right now because I'm lazy.

I have movies to watch, but I don't want to watch a movie. Again, I feel I should be outside or doing something productive, or at least being non-productive with someone else. But here I am, alone in my apartment, complaining about being bored via blog.


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