Sunday, April 30, 2006


Every year or so, Craig & I like to celebrate the day we ceased being two entites, Craig and Des, and became one single being, Craiganddes. it could also be Desandcraig, depending on who you talk to.

Anyway, this day was most recently last Tuesday. Since Tuesdays are boring, we extended it into Sunday. Gifts were exchanged. Or rather, gifts were given, and those same gifts were received. These included the following:

-A set of 6 shot glasses, featuring such rock & roll bands as Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, the Sex Pistols, and Motorhead. What better way to show you're cool by swigging 2oz of anything out of a glass Motorhead logo?
-A comic book featuring an epic battle between monkeys & robots. That one speaks for itself.
-A DVD featuring educational films from the 50s, explaining why it's normal, maybe even healthy, to receive a dose of radiation from say, an atomic blast. There are 4 films on the DVD, and it is disc 1 of 3. Someday a return trip must be made to purchase discs 2 and 3.
-A set of shiny black cufflinks to match someone's shiny black suit when he's out all lawyering about. I hope they don't break, as they were purchased from what is now considered an untrustworthy company.

Needless to say, Craig thoroughly enjoyed all of his gifts, though he has yet to use the shot glasses or the cufflinks. There must be some way to combine the two.

We had our date at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. It was our first time there. Originally, we almost moved into an apartment right near the park. If it wasn't for some crazy mishaps (waiting 45 minutes to see the apartment, only to have no one show up, for example) then I would have spent every single day among the pretty plants. As it is now, however, it's a bit of a trek.

Unknowingly, we planned our date for a day that also had a special event featured. So after waiting in line for 20-something minutes, we finally made it inside to where there were more people, but they were slightly more spread out. Just for reference, the signs that say "please keep off - newly seeded" actually mean "please step all over this place so the grass doesn't grow, and let your kids climb the fences and throw your trash down." One group of people actually moved the sign out of the way so they could lay their blanket down. The thing I don't get is: there were acres and acres of grass that had no "keep off" sign. People were on these too, which is to be expected and commended, but I guess there were a few "rebels" in the crowd. I felt really bad for the Botanic Garden staff, because there were an innumerable amount of rules, and they were all being broken.

After the park, we went to dinner. We were offered an upstairs table, which made us feel special and a bit hoity-toity. I thought it was because we were dressed so nicely, they thought we were two fancy pants with a lot of money. They were wrong, of course, but so was I. As we were getting ready to leave, two groups walked in, each with at least one member of their party in jeans. One had on jeans, a jean jacket, and a cowboy hat. Made me feel less special in my pretty dress.

The food was good, as always, but the portabello mushrooms in my entree were slimy. They grossed me out and I couldn't eat them, especially after they got cold. Everything else was delish, and we finished off with coffee and banana pie. This means Craig had coffee and I had pie.

We finished off our date by going grocery shopping. This wasn't really part of the date, it's just our normal Sunday ritual. However, the store was much less busy than it usually is, so that was a treat. We brought the cat home a new scratcher and 2 new mice, and he promised to love us forever. Or at least until he gets bored of his new toys.

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