Monday, March 20, 2006


Somebody stumbled upon my blog using google search. The precise search terms they used were "gagged greg kinnear." Of course, in my blog, I do mention both of these things. However, the words "gagged" and "Greg Kinnear" are in two completely separate posts and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.
But the person (persons?) did stop and read. They were probably disappointed that I wasn't actually talking about gagging Greg Kinnear. I have nothing against Mr. Kinnear. Nor do I have a weird fetishy-obsession with him that requires him to be gagged at any point.
So now I'm posting this. If they search again using those exact terms, they will again stumble upon my blog. So if it is you, I have a question:

Why are you looking for "gagged greg kinnear?"



eve said...

How do you know what the person was searching for?

super des said...

sitemeter shows not only how many people looked at my site, but where they came from. this person came from "gagged greg kinnear".
also, i'm a spy.

eve said...

Woah what's sitemeter I want it.

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