Tuesday, March 14, 2006

for the sake of blogging

since i'm addicted to other people reading my blogs, i needed my fix.

on the train home i got to sit down, but this ugly lady in a rabbit or chinchilla fur coat was sitting next to me and kept scooting over, honing in on my territory. at first i ever so slightly moved (there was a person on my other side too) but then i just sat there, taking it. even though the jacket was soft, it was clearly made out of some dead animal that would be much cuter alive, and i hated it. so i told that lady to suck it. (megan, that's your fault.)

i got my cat a new bed. well actually, the bed came with my new dress. and no, the bed is not the dress, or the box it came in, though those are both good guesses. however, if you knew mecrutio, you would know that his new bed is tissue paper. it sits in the middle of the kitchen floor and he sits on it. i'm not allowed to touch it or move it. if i do, he moves it right back and sits on it with his triangle ears. oh, to be a cat.

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